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What is Easter?

Easter is the anniversary of the day the prophet (Jesus) was executed and resurrected for all Christians. This prophet is said in religious scriptures to be the son of the Supreme Being who created all living things. And his tragic death was to pay the debt for humanity's sins. At the same time, this holiday also celebrates the new covenant between humanity and the Supreme Being. Easter is considered one of the most important holidays of the year for Christians (Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Anglicans). In ancient times, people called the spring festival (Frühlingsfest / spring festival) or "Ostarum", the Germans called it "Ostara" and the noun "Ostern / Easter" originated from the word "Ost / East" towards the east of spring. The sun is about to rise. The Jews call this holiday "Paschafest" The Egyptians (Ägypter) call it "Osterlamm/ paschal lamb)" also on the first full moon day of spring they kill sheep to celebrate liberation from oppression, escape from the body. slavery.

Origin of Easter

Easter usually takes place on any Sunday around the end of March and early April to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead after being crucified on the Cross. Easter does not have a fixed date, but people often calculate Easter as taking place on the first Sunday after the first full moon or after the spring equinox. Therefore, Easter is also considered a spring festival, celebrating the changing seasons with many brilliant colors.

Meaning of Easter

Easter is central to belief in Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross but then, from the dead, He rose again and ascended to Heaven in triumph. Because Jesus overcame death and was resurrected, Christians believe that only He has the power to give them eternal life. And that belief is what Christians sing every year during Easter, as well as every week on Sunday.

Easter is also a feast of hope because it is the time when Spring returns to all living things. Creation is truly miraculous, the tree has bare branches throughout the cold winter, but after just one warm sunny day brought by Spring, baby buds, or young leaves, have sprouted on the tree branches.

Things to do during Easter

Fasting, abstaining from meat, penance: more accurately, vegetarianism and meat fasting. Catholics on Ash Day and Good Friday, two days before Easter, must abstain from meat, junk food, and satisfying unnecessary needs. Any excess resources are often donated to the poor or donated to the church.

Arrange leaf shapes taken from Palm Ceremony: Various shapes, depending on each person's dexterity. Way of the Cross: look at 12 pictures depicting each stage of Jesus from his arrest to his death.

Foot washing: taken from a story in the Bible: before Jesus was arrested, he washed the feet of each disciple. And told everyone to wash each other's feet regardless of their position.

Performing scenes of Jesus' crucifixion: usually in areas with large numbers of believers or countries with large Catholic populations. The animation is based on the story from the time Jesus was arrested until his death.

Important dates in the Easter season

Palm Sunday: The beginning of the Easter season is Palm Sunday, which tells the story of Jesus entering Jesuralem before suffering. When Jesus came here, the people here used palm branches to wave hello. Churches have since traditionally used palm leaves during holidays.

Holy Saturday (Holy Saturday): Holy Saturday is the day Jesus lay in bed after being crucified. It is also a public holiday in some parts of the US, Australia, and the West, government offices remain closed while stores open with limited hours. Churches do not have special services on this day, however this day is popular for naming ceremonies and weddings.

Easter Sunday: This day commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, so Easter Sunday is a happy event on the Christian calendar. Churches are filled with flowers and yellow and white decorations, and choirs also sing special choral songs. Children were given chocolate eggs as gifts and participated in a game of finding colorfully decorated eggs at the houses. As it is a national holiday, all businesses are closed, depending on state and territory regulations.

Easter Monday: Easter Monday is the last day of the holiday period related to Easter. Most businesses and locations remain closed. While this is the final anniversary of Jesus' resurrection, many people take advantage of this day to attend events or host family meals.

Symbol of Easter

Easter eggs

Eggs are the oldest symbol of Easter, symbolizing fertility. On this occasion, people often give each other colorful decorated eggs, often made of chocolate, plaster or even wool, very eye-catching and decorated with their own hands to represent wishes. Westerners believe that the Earth was originally hatched from a giant egg. In the Appalachian mountains, ancient healers used to spin a ripe egg on a pregnant mother's belly, thereby predicting the child's future fertility. The cultural symbolic role of eggs in life is increasingly important. The custom of giving eggs to each other is also present in many great civilizations. Archaeological studies have proven that ancient Egyptians and Sumerians had the custom of decorating eggs as gifts at least 5,000 years ago. Perhaps for those reasons, people recognize eggs as an indispensable symbol of Easter - the day to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus.

Easter bunny

In addition to the symbol of fertility, rabbits are also a symbol of abundant and strong vitality. In particular, the rabbit is associated with the legend of Ostara, also known as Easter. The name of this goddess of spring is used to give the name of Easter. According to legend, once the goddess brought spring to Earth late, causing all creatures to suffer from the cold, including a dying bird with frozen wings. Out of compassion, Ostara turned the bird into a pet rabbit, giving it the ability to lay eggs and the ability to run fast. With this ability, the goddess wants the rabbit to take on all the work of giving gifts to children when spring comes. However, later, the magic rabbit accidentally made Ostara angry. It was thrown into the sky by the gods and transformed into the constellation Lepus. Rabbits can only come down to earth once a year, in the spring to give lovely eggs to people on earth.
Since then, the image of rabbits carrying eggs has become a special feature of the Western Easter holiday.

Easter Candles

On the body of the candle there are 5 nail marks (symbolizing the 5 wounds of Jesus), above the letter alpha and below the letter omega with the first and last meanings in Greek, symbolizing Jesus. is “the beginning and the end”.


Traditional ham has never been absent from the dining tables of Christians around the world on Easter. For them, pork is considered God's food. If the first full moon of autumn is the best time to salt stored pork, then spring is when Westerners use this stored food. Therefore, jambon becomes a traditional dish on the dinner table every Easter.

New clothes

It is believed that wearing new clothes on Easter will bring good luck for the rest of the year. According to the concept, new clothes represent renewal and lucky beginnings - important elements of each annual Easter.
For Catholics, Easter also represents belief in rebirth and hope for good things. That is also the message that this holiday is conveying to people all over the world.

Easter flowers

Germans often use fresh tree branches, hang egg shells, colorful paints and small chocolate bunnies for children, and commonly used flowers such as Osterglocken/daffodil; Diamond Tulip Tulpen/Tulip; Phong Tin Tu Hyazinthen/hyacinth; Gaenebluemchen/ dasiy field daisies; Dandelion Loewenzahn/dandetion; Mao needs Hahnenfuss/buttercup.
Normally Easter will take place in March or April every year (calculated as the Sunday between March 22 and April 25).

Easter hymn

Easter songs are also an important part of this special holiday. The lyrics and melody of the song will express joy and joy. Express gratitude, wishes for a positive and lucky life.

Customs and rituals

The week before Easter, called Holy Week, counts from Palm Sunday (or Passion Sunday) until the end of Holy Saturday (or Passover Vigil). During this week, Christian churches commemorate the Passion of Jesus, celebrating the mysteries that Jesus accomplished in his last days on earth. For Christians, all acts of service this week express an attitude of sadness, but with gratitude because God loved to become human to suffer and die for sinful humanity. In many Western countries, Easter, including Sunday and Saturday, is an official holiday: In Europe such as Germany, Good Friday is also an official holiday. On this day, places Playgrounds, theaters, and shops are all closed to commemorate the Passion of Jesus. Many Christians make pilgrimages to Via Dolorpsa in Jerusalem's Old City to revisit the path of suffering that Jesus carried his saintly daughter to Calvary.


Easter Eggs (Paschal Eggs)

An indispensable gift on Easter is Easter Eggs. These eggs are made from chicken eggs, boiled and painted. Previously, Easter eggs were painted red to represent the color of Jesus' blood. But later Easter eggs were replaced with more colors and eye-catching decorations. Easter eggs are sold quite a lot every Easter at Catholic churches.

Easter Bunny

Have you wondered why there are rabbits on Easter? According to Christianity, rabbits are the animals that bring Easter eggs. Rabbits are animals with strong reproductive power, representing strong vitality. Giving a rabbit on this holiday is a wish for a good and promising future. Chocolate bunnies will be a very meaningful gift on Easter.

Easter Candles

According to Christianity, candles represent light that illuminates humanity, dispelling darkness and death. When the Easter candle is lit, it shows that Jesus is the light of the world. Easter candles will be decorated with the letters Alpha and Omega - these are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, representing eternity, God is the origin and eternity.

Where To Buy Easter Gifts?

Souvenir shop: This is a popular place to buy special gifts for holidays like Easter. You can find gifts ranging from handmade items, home decor to jewelry.

Stores that sell interior decorations: If you want to buy gifts to beautify your home, you can search at stores that specialize in selling interior decorations such as decorative lights, pictures, fresh flowers or ornamental plants. .

Supermarkets and online shopping stores: Many supermarkets and online shopping stores provide a variety of items to serve everyone's shopping needs. You can find souvenirs, home decorations, and many other items.

Cake and coffee shops: Another option for Easter gifts could be holiday pastries or coffee products. These are often gifts that are highly appreciated by the recipient.

Specialty online stores: If you want to buy gifts from independent brands or handmade products, you can search for specialty online stores. This is often where you can find unique and meaningful gifts.

Money Saving Tips For Easter Shopping

Plan ahead: Determine a list of items you need to buy before going to the store to avoid buying unnecessary things.

Use money-saving apps: There are many mobile apps that offer discount codes or cashback when shopping. Take advantage of them to reduce costs.

Follow offers and promotions: Follow websites, social media or sign up for emails from stores to receive information about holiday specials and promotions.

Compare prices: Don't shop at the first store you come across. Compare prices from different places to make sure you're getting the best deal.

Online shopping: Online shopping often has more incentives than traditional in-store shopping. Take advantage of special offers and free shipping when shopping online.

Post-Holiday Shopping: After the holidays end, many stores will offer merchandise discounts to liquidate inventory. This could be a good opportunity to shop for the items you need at a discounted price.

Use membership cards or rewards points: If you have membership cards or loyalty credit cards, use them to accumulate reward points or receive special discounts.

Look for old or used products: If possible, consider shopping for used or used products. Sometimes you can find quality items for less than buying new.

How to Find Easter Discount Codes?

Search online shopping sites: In the run-up to Easter, many online shopping sites often offer special discount codes for products and services. You can visit these websites and search under "Deals", "Promotions" or "Discount Codes" to check if there are any discount codes being offered for the Easter holidays.

Follow social media and emails from stores: Many stores will promote Easter discount codes through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via email. Follow the social media pages of the stores you're interested in and sign up to receive emails from them so you don't miss out on any deals.

Use websites that provide discount codes: There are many websites that specialize in providing discount codes for online stores. You can use sites like RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, or VoucherCodes to search for Easter discount codes.

Check directly on the store's website: Sometimes, stores will offer discount codes directly on their website to encourage customers to shop. Visit the websites of the stores you're interested in and check to see if there are any discount codes on offer for the Easter holiday.

Some Examples Of Discount Codes For Easter

EASTER10: Use this code to receive 10% off any Easter order.

BUNNY15: Enter this code at checkout to receive 15% off all Easter products.

EGGHUNT20: Apply this code to get 20% off special items for one day only during Easter.

SPRINGSALE: Available for both Easter and spring holidays, this code offers 25% off all orders.

CHOCOLATE5OFF: Exclusive to chocolate products and Easter-related foods, this code offers $5 off every order.

BASKET30: Get 30% off when you use this code on select Easter gifts.

BLOOM20: This code offers 20% off all special Easter flowers and stems.

EASTEREGGS: Enter this code to receive a free surprise gift with every order during Easter.

SUNSHINE25: Use this code to get 25% off any item in the spring and Easter collections.

EGGBASKET10: This code offers 10% off all Easter-related purchases and Easter egg baskets.

In the historical event of Easter, we see a miracle: Jesus overcame death and was reborn. This is not only a fairy tale but also a symbol of the power of love and hope. New life rises from the darkness of death, opening the way for us to trust and hope. Above all, Easter reminds us of the power of faith and love without boundaries, which can overcome all difficulties and bring eternal life. Let's enjoy the joy of Easter and keep love and hope in our hearts every day.